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    Data Masking for Oracle and MSSQL

    Masking and Obfuscation

    Data Kitchen are an Authorised Representative for the Data Masker product in Australia and New Zealand. This means that you can get product presentations, local support, local training, with local knowledge in the timezone that suits your working hours.
    The most effective data masking is when the local users who are using the data cant tell that they are working with obfuscated data. If it is accepted that the data is a non-obfuscated data set, it is unlikely that anyone is going to attempt to derive any meaningful representation to an actual person.

    Applying data masking is much more than just changing some values in particular fields. It is more about deriving a meaningful data set for representation in various non-production environments without allowing unauthorised personnel to view your production data.

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    A standard model for test environment control

    Test Data Management

    The aim of every IT department is to follow what is deemed a Best Practice Approach for common practices across their work spectrum. Much of the time that Best Practice Approach is widely known and publicised, but look for a guide on the management of test data and you find it hard to get any recognised guidelines to help assist you in building your Test Data Management practice.

    The Data Kitchen "Test Data Management Methodology" starts with mapping the activity throughout the environment landscape by detailing the purpose and configuration for each of the various levels of lifecycle. Each of the levels of lifecycle require a consideration for the data set that provides the meaningful data representation. For instance, developers working in the DK2 and DK2.5 Levels may not even work directly for your organisation. They may not even work in the same country, yet in many instances this group of workers have access to sensitive production data.

    The Data Kitchen "Test Data Management Methodology" will position your organisation to scale up and manage the various instances of non-production data and greatly minimise the risk of a data breach through the test data channel.

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Data Masking Design and Analytics

Data Quality, Discovery and Relationship Mapping

How recent are your data relationship maps? Did your last development project update all of your schema maps?

Its always harder to go and revisit programming extensions after the project has completed.

Click the link below to get a deeper understanding of the benefits and save your operational and project teams hours of frustration.


Data Breach Management Planning

Data Breach Management Planning

Most organisations these days have a rock solid disaster recovery plan, and for many it involves a major investment in cold standby systems. All with the intention of never having to invoke the recovery plan.

Truth is most organisations are more likely to suffer a data breach, but very few have prepared for that event. How would your organisation need to react.


Test Management Services

Test Execution and Test Management Services

The execution of a well structured test practice is integral to validating the robustness of your technology environment.

Whether you're developing a stand alone ecommerce platform our you're building functionality to integrate with an enterprise environment, Data Kitchen have the expertise to build a suitable and sustainable Test Management Practice for your organisation.


Data Masking Services

Developing a Data Masking Methodology

Implementing a solid data obfuscation practice is in every CIO's bucket list. Unfortunately many will not act until it is too late.

The test environment that grants employee privileged access, is no longer a safe place for your production data. Taking measures to safeguarding that data is the responsibility of every IT Manager in the world!


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